♫ Did you know that gorillas hum?

When you move into the fresh forest when nobody should be there, like after the rain has stopped or early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can sometimes hear a peaceful melody from the pristine forest. It’s the voice of the gorillas. When their whole family is fine, it is peaceful and there is no poaching. And when they are happy, they start to hum. We work together to protect them, in the hope that gorilla humming will resonate in the forest forever.

Photo Credit: Keiko Mori/ RDB
Scheduled activities (2021-2022)

Keiko Mori, the representative of this organization, has been filming gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park since 2008. Through this activity, she has built a relationship of trust with the Rwanda Development Board of the Rwanda Government and Volcanoes National Park, and has sought ways to help those who are striving to protect gorillas on a daily basis. All of the local projects we are about to undertake are the result of discussions with RDB officers, and are the ones most needed in the field right now.

1. Strengthening and supporting the gorilla monitoring systems

2. Providing alcohol disinfectant gel for Ebola and Coronavirus infection prevention in Rwanda

3. Awareness-raising activities in Rwanda

4. YouTube interview with Orangutan researcher, Nouko Kuze (Japan)

Photo credit: Keiko Mori/ RDB