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Humming of Gorilla president’s greeting

In February 2020, we established the NPO “Humming of Gorillas” for the purpose of protecting the gorillas that live in the tropical rainforests of Africa.

Many people may think, “isn’t the hinterland of Africa the story of a distant land?” But protecting gorillas means also protecting their habitat, the forest. On a global scale this means protecting the natural environment and reducing its degradation. Gorillas are now endangered and under threat from many areas including a shrinking environment, poaching and infectious diseases in their vital habitat, the national parks. We will report on the current situation of the gorillas and provide support to the governments and local people who are committed to conservation activities. To protect gorillas, we must closely observe the gorilla’s ecology. We will also support gorilla monitoring and research by providing workshops on equipment such as cameras and personal computers and how to use them. National-park rangers and locals work in primeval forests without sanitizers or even water. We need to provide as much protection for them against viral diseases such as Ebola and COVID-19 as we can, and against any viral infections that may jump from humans to the gorillas and other wildlife.

We will do our best to tackle these issues so as to pass on a sustainable global environment where humans and nature coexist happily to the next generation.

NPO corporation Humming of Gorillas
President Keiko Mori

Since 1992, Keiko has been involved in the production of documentary videos of various wild animals. In 2008 she first met a mountain gorilla and her life changed completely. Since 2011, she has spent a large proportion of her life in Rwanda, Africa, and continues to film gorillas there. She is also the president of Pugmark Co., Ltd, a wildlife documentary production company.

Main programs:
TBS “New World Travel”
TV Asahi “Lovely Spaceship Earth”
NHK “Earth! Mysterious Nature”
NHK “High-definition Special”

Main Awards:
● TV Asahi Naturing Special, “The Story of the 300 Million-Year-Old Forest” WWF India 25th Anniversary Film Festival Grand Prix, Global Environmental Video Festival Final Jury Special Award, Japan, etc.

● NHK “Orangutans; Our Cultural Cousins” International Wildlife Film Festival (Montana, USA) Natural Program Encouragement Award, etc.


Name: Humming of Gorillas, a specified non-profit organization

Established: February 10, 2020 (Non-profit organization certification acquired: January 29, 2020)

Address: Frances Building 1st floor, 2-19-9 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021

TEL: 03-6892-3232 

President Keiko Mori

Vice President Yusuke Saraya


Director Hirotsugu Daishima

Director Tomohiro Kawabe

Auditor Takashi Nijo

Articles of Incorporation

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