Last year we produced a really interesting talk show by Keiko Mori, President of Humming Gorillas, and Noko Kuze, Orangutan researcher, which consists of 6 episodes. We now produced the English version of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd episodes!

“I wanted to exchange my baby with an orangutan kid!”, “No, I wanted to exchange my husband with a male gorilla!” Amazing conversation! Noko Kuze is a primatologist who continues to study wild orangutans in Borneo, Malaysia. The other is Keiko Mori, a wildlife journalist who has been shooting mountain gorillas for ten years in the Republic of Rwanda in Africa.

It is a unique conversation where two people with child-rearing experiences talk about the charm of gorillas and orangutans.

Episode 1: Which ape do you prefer, gorilla or Orangutan?

Episode 2: Wiping Up Elephants Tears

Episode 3: Important Differences Between Gorillas and Orangutans

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Episodes 4, 5, 6 are coming soon!



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